What is the Identity Discovery Deck?

  • A dynamic tool

    The Identity Discovery Deck is a dynamic tool to help you align how you live with who you are, by building fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life. How? By clarifying the unique contribution you are capable of making in the world.

  • A framework for living

    The Identity Discovery Deck is based on the Identity Discipline, a comprehensive framework for living, developed over 30 years by groundbreaking author, consultant, and life coach, Larry Ackerman. The Identity Discipline is dedicated to helping individuals tap the value-creating power of their identities.

  • A way to focus your life

    Whether your focus is on your career and work, or on strengthening relationships with family, friends, your spouse or partner, or your community, the Identity Discovery Deck will help you make better choices, leading to a more purposeful, productive life, now and in the future.

What is the IDD?

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A Pathway for Aligning How You Live with Who You Are

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